When Crown Prince Wang Won Comes to His Grandfather...

The drama, The King in Love already broadcast half of their episodes and the tenses is getting up. The King afraid of his own son of dominating his throne, so he commanded his guards to take Eun San out of to be sent to Yuan as tribute woman. Right away, Wang Won was getting angry and commanding the guard to let her go. The King then hit Won, but instead of kneeling, Won was looking straight on the King's eyes like he was to challenge him.

In the same episode, earlier Won came to his mother for asking a help to get the power. He said he only has his mom (The Queen) and his maternal grandfather (Yuan's King, Kublai Khan) whose living so far away. This fact came out different to the viewers who also watched drama Scarlet Heart as they remembered the Goryeo fourth king, Gwangjong.

Since the drama setting also in Goryeo Era, the meme came out very funny.
There are some pictures showing the same setting of Scarlet Heart and The King in Love:

Grandpa and Grandma standing in the same set with the Grandson and his woman *LOL*

Same set when Prince Wang So led the raining ceremony and Crown Prince Wang Won tried to stop his father hunting.

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