Behind the Scene of Wagakki Band's Okinotayuu Music Video

On March 22nd, the japanese traditional modern fusion group, Wagakki Band released their 3rd album, Shikisai. The album itself contents 16 tracks plus 1 bonus track of covering Vocaloid's song, Children Records.
This time, Avex Creative released three types of the album, Music Video Type, Live Type, and CD Only.

Music Video Type contents some of their latest music videos including Kishikaisei -theme song for TV Tokyo Summer Olympics 2016-, Strong Fate, Valkyrie Ikusa Otome -OST anime Twin Stars Exorcists-, and two new songs 'Okinotayuu' and 'Yuki Yo Maichire Sonata ni Mukete', and also the last two making of.

Check these special screencaps of making of Okinotayuu...

Yuko-san preparing for the next scene

Asa-san going to join the other members

Kiyoshi-san, Wasabi-san, Asa-san waiting for their crepes

It's WASABI! What is he doing?!

Yuko-san takes the role seriously

Kiyoshi-san in action

Beni-san will join the others

Machiya-san in the middle of the shot

Relax time. Beni-san and Yuko-san chatting

Each member gives comments about this MV

Look what happen to Kiyoshi-san when he was standing next to Wasabi

Okinotayuu was written by guitarist Machiya. It has japanese relax melodies and easy listening. You can also hear the beautiful songs of each Wagakki Band's instruments.

Check the Full Music Video

Special article by: Wagakki Band International Fanclub (Unofficial)
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