Behind the Scene of Wagakki Band's Yuki Yo Maichire Sonata ni Mukete

On March 22nd, the japanese traditional modern fusion group, Wagakki Band released their 3rd album, Shikisai. The album itself contents 16 tracks plus 1 bonus track of covering Vocaloid's song, Children Records.
This time, Avex Creative released three types of the album, Music Video Type, Live Type, and CD Only.

Music Video Type contents some of their latest music videos including Kishikaisei -theme song for TV Tokyo Summer Olympics 2016-, Strong Fate, Valkyrie Ikusa Otome -OST anime Twin Stars Exorcists-, and two new songs 'Okinotayuu' and 'Yuki Yo Maichire Sonata ni Mukete', and also the last two making of.

Check these special screencaps of making of Yuki yo Maichire Sonata ni Mukete... 

Beautiful vocalist Yuko-san is preparing for the shoot

Wasabi-san training everytime everywhere

Beni san was trained by Wasabi

Kurona san in scene of Snow Ball


Is there any snow?


Wagakki Band: Work hard Play hard

Last group scene!

Happy birthday, Asa!

Preparing the cable scene as Yuki Onna, behind is the costume maker, Yuka san

This song, Yuki Yo Maichire Sonata ni Mukete was written by bassist Asa. He said that this song was made actually around the time of Wagakki Band was formed. But he still didn't know when the right time to release this song. Once, vocalist Yuko hear the song and she said she liked it. Then, they decided to release this song. Moreover, they released the song in winter, so this is the right choice since it has 'yuki' / snow theme.

Unlike the previous songs the bassist Asa wrote for the band, this time is an easy listening song instead of upbeat song. He hopes everyone will enjoy listening this music.

Check the Music Video below:

Special article by: Wagakki Band International Fanclub (Unofficial)
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